“Julie Perrine hits the nail on the head with her new book The Innovative Admin. Using her vast experience and insight, Julie explains how to use innovation to become an invaluable member of your current team while also increasing your marketability and appeal to potential employers.

Her book offers suggestions for self-improvement that will transform the way you think and change the way you do things. Julie shows you how to use tools like journaling, continued education, and even the people around you to become an outstanding and invaluable admin. Her strengths lie in her positive attitude, personal experiences, and the ability to inspire her readers to take action. She drives you to challenge yourself and question the status quo.

Reminding us that we once thought “out of the box” instinctively, Julie offers exercises as well as checklists to get the wheels turning once again and keep her readers on track.

The Innovative Admin is your guide to staying relevant in a constantly changing administrative environment. I would suggest that anyone who is part of an administrative support team, or anyone considering it, read this book. It will change how you think about thinking.”Jessica Montanez, Freelance Writer

“I just read your book, The Innovative Admin. The book has inspired me to look more closely into my career options and enhance my skills more regularly. Thank you!”Vera B., Australia

“Principles and suggestions from The Innovative Admin greatly assisted me when tasked to visit and help the admin team in two of our remote offices. Not in one reading, but I’ve read the whole book from cover to cover. I recommend…those admin professionals who haven’t read it to do so because it’s a must-read. It’ …in plain English and set out in such a way that it is easy and enjoyable to read. Many thanks, Julie for your vast experience and insights, which you’ve kindly and freely shared them with other admin professionals around the globe.” – Inise Rabukawaqa
“I really enjoyed this small book and found it greatly helpful. The writing style makes it easy to read. I’ve been doing admin work for over 25 years and was looking for a resource to help me become a better EA. It’s helped me begin to think more creatively, and the tools contained have given me the confidence I need to implement a good idea when it pops up.” – Jackie Wolf
“Julie packed this book with valuable information that covers many different responsibilities that an admin can have. You can pick and choose what works for you and add it to your daily work immediately. Very well organized and helpful tips.” – Jacqueline Leib